How it works

Send your base station data to RTK4U if you don’t want to operate your own NTRIP caster.

RTK4U Terms of Use

By sending your data stream to RTK4U you confirm:

a) You have the right to do so (ownership of the data)
b) You agree that others may freely use your data
c) the owner / operator of the casters cannot be held harmless for defects or losses.
d) the Caster Owner / Operator (SCSC) reserves the right to remove or block parties for abuse.
e) It is prohibited to stream data streams from other commercial sources on RTK4U.
f) the whole thing is currently in test operation – no liability and guarantee of availability and operational safety

Operation of RTK4U from farmer to farmer

There will be a number of farmer base stations that can be used for RTK corrections with the F9P. The network can be viewed here in the RTK monitor.

Or display the source table of and port 2101 in the Ntrip client.

You get access through our association.

Anyone who owns a base station can bring it into the network and use it free of charge for themselves and their own participants.

You need only to pay a setup and maintenance fee for the service.

The advantages are also:

Monitoring via email service in the event of failure
No fixed or dynamic Ip address
No port releases
Easy to set up
Use multiple bases

If you would like to take part in the project, please contact me.

For the base there is a preconfigured SD card in the shop, or you can install the necessary software yourself – coming soon

In any case, please contact me beforehand.
I need:

Email and approximate GPS location of the base
A username and password
a description of the base with the following scheme:


AT = country
ST = federal state here Styria – 2 digits
LB = Leibnitz district – 2 positions
Ortner = free name – free name (name, house name, placeā€¦.)